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2021-12-23 07:48:28 By : Ms. Spring chan

SES, formerly known as SolidEnergy Systems, and ENTEK Membranes have entered into an exclusive supply agreement for innovative separator materials in the development and production of high-energy Li-Metal rechargeable batteries. Both headquartered in the US with global presence, SES and ENTEK seek to power the future of electric transportation with ENTEK materials and SES batteries.

Scaling production is always a concern when you bring a new product to market and the supply agreement with ENTEK Membranes helps us reduce supply chain issues while ensuring superior cycle life in our Lithium-Metal batteries. Supply chain disruption is a major consideration for auto makers as they look to put modern technologies in their cars, especially in the compressed timeframes that the market is demanding. SES is well positioned to fully commercialize its next generation hybrid Li-Metal battery technology and build Giga-scale battery production.—Yongkyu Son, SES’ Chief Technology Officer

Founded in 2012, SES is an integrated Lithium-Metal battery manufacturer with strong capabilities in material, cell, module, AI- powered safety algorithms and recycling.

In November, unveiled Apollo, a 107 Ah Li-Metal battery that is the largest in the world and is targeted at the automotive industry. (Earlier post.)

SES has addressed the dendrite safety problem associated with Li-metal batteries by coating lithium metal with a polymer coating and using a high-concentration electrolyte that suppresses the formation of dendrites. SES’ strategy is to dominate in the lithium metal battery market by first commercializing a hybrid method that combines a liquid electrolyte and a solid coating, which is easier to implement than an all-solid solution.

ENTEK utilizes a unique, wet process manufacturing approach to produce its ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) base separators for Li-ion batteries with excellent mechanical properties.

ENTEK manufactures a variety of coated separators that include single-sided, double-sided and multilayer coatings on any base separator:

PVDF-coated separators for laminated cells

Alumina-coated separators with excellent high temperature dimensional stability, based upon ENTEK’s patented nanoparticle technology

5-layer separator with outer adhesive functional layers and alumina-coated polyolefin base separator for laminated cells often used in xEV batteries

For Li-metal batteries, ENTEK has developed a ceramic-filled separator: ENTEK CF. The ceramic filler is distributed throughout the separator’s polymer matrix, which results in excellent wettability and ionic conductivity.

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