Large moisture removal high vacuum hydraulic oil-water separator

High Vacuum Lubricating Oil Hydraulic Oil Water Separator(TYD Series)Application:Series TYD oil purifier is special designed to treat high water content oils such as lubricant oil, crude oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, fuel oil, diesel oil and freezing machine oil,

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High Vacuum Lubricating Oil Hydraulic Oil Water Separator

(TYD Series)

Series TYD oil purifier is special designed to treat high water content oils such as lubricant oil, crude oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, fuel oil, diesel oil and freezing machine oil, as well as other lubricant oil which requires to have large amount of water be removed and impurities be eliminated by precision filtration.

1.Purifying oils with high water content.
2.Strong capacity of removing water, gases and impurities.
3.Coalescence separation filter combined with vacuum system to remove moisture from oil effectively.
4.Equipped with multistage filtration system.
5.Equipped with automatic backwash system.
6.Wide application scope for various kind of oils.

It can completely remove the water, gases, impurities and filings from the oil. Purified hydraulic lubrication oil can be used again repeatedly.
ParametersUnitTYD-10TYD -20TYD -30TYD -50TYD -100TYD -150TYD -200TYD -300
Flow rateL/h600120018003000600090001200018000
Vacuum degreeMpa-0.06 ~- 0.095
Working pressureMpa≤0.4
Temperature degree °C0~100
Power supply 3Phase, 380V, 50Hz(or as needed)
Working noiseDb(A)≤75≤75≤75≤78≤78≤78≤80≤82
Electric heating powerKw364045728090120135
Total electric powerKw3842477587101135147
Inlet (outlet) calibermm2525253242505060
 Guarantee Value
ItemGuarantee indexes
Moisture content≤50 PPM
Demulsification valueNew oil≤15min,running oil≤30min
Gas content≤0.1%
Particles≤1 micron
Cleanliness≤4 (NAS1638)

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