Fecal solid-liquid separator

Manure Solid-Liquid SeparatorIntroduction of the Manure Solid-Liquid Separator: The Manure Solid-Liquid Separator can be widely used for dewatering of high humidity residue before drying,such as sludge,drug residue,livestock and poultry excrement,etcc,which can remove about 30%of the moisture in the material.greatly re

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Manure Solid-Liquid Separator
Manure Solid-Liquid Separator

Introduction of the Manure Solid-Liquid Separator: 

The Manure Solid-Liquid Separator can be widely used for dewatering of high humidity residue before drying,such as sludge,drug residue,livestock and poultry excrement,etcc,which can remove about 30%of the moisture in the material.greatly reduce the burden of the dryer,greatly increase the output and greatly reduce the engery consumption.It is a necessary process equipment before the drying of high humidity materials.The material after dewatering can directly enter the drying equipment,greatly reducing the engery consumption of drying.

FEATURES of the Manure Solid-Liquid Separator: 

1. Practicality: The slag separation speed of the solid-liquid separator is fast, the water content of the dung residue after separation is 30-40%, the amount of slag and the water content can be adjusted. The dry material after separation is convenient for transportation and storage as the raw material for fish feed and organic fertilizer.
2. Advanced nature: Solid liquid separator, strong decontamination ability, no clogging, easy to clean. The removal rate of feces water content, chemical oxygen demand, total oxygen consumption, nitrogen and phosphorus can be between 70-95%.
3. Durability: The screen and stranding of the solid-liquid separator are made of nickel alloy steel and high strength stainless steel, with high corrosion resistance, high strength and long service life.
4. Economy: Solid-liquid separator has high automation, low power consumption and low price. It is easy to operate and only needs single person control button to operate.

Attention of the Manure Solid-Liquid Separator: 

1. The water content is between 80% and 90%, and the water content of the effluent is between 40% and 50%.
2. The production capacity changes according to the nature of raw materials: chicken manure 6-8 cubic meters/ hour, pig manure 8-10 cubic meters/ hour, cow dung 10-12 cubic meters / hour, pig manure 10-15 cubic meters / hour, cow dung 15-20 cubic meters / hour.
3. The main components of the sifter are stainless steel and the rest are carbon steel.

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6.Provide technical support;
7.Establish long-term and friendly relationship.

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1. Provide clients one-year warranty to make sure the machine work well;
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